YDNA Tested Participants


Individual Lineages


Distinct Family Groups

The Phillips DNA Project has over 1000 participants who have been DNA tested, and more than 115 distinct, unrelated Phillips families have been identified through DNA analysis thus far.  More participation from the British Isles and mainland Europe is sought in an attempt to identify the deep roots of all Phillips families worldwide and help prove geographic migration patterns.

The DNA test is painless and only consists of swabbing the inside of the cheek to obtain cheek cells for analysis.  The lab mails a kit to the participant, who then returns his samples to the lab in a pre-addressed envelope.  The kit is given a number; this is the only way the DNA results are publicly identified to preserve everyone’s privacy. If you have a Y DNA match with another project member or members, you are placed into a "Family Group" with your genetic cousin(s).



To read more about the project and how DNA analysis works in conjunction with traditional genealogical research, please visit the project's Website.