The Phillips DNA Project follows stringent policies for protecting your privacy according to Federal and State Laws.

In addition to the PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT below, this DNA Project also adheres to following SAFE HARBOR PRIVACY STATEMENT in connection with the transfer and protection of "personal information" received from the European Union (EU) or Switzerland.

The Phillips DNA Project will never sell, publish or market the identity, email address or any other information that can identify its members. At all times the administrators of this project will strive to keep your specific data private, while at the same time making enough general information public to allow us to build a yDNA Marker Census of different Phillips men to be used for genealogical purposes.

To accomplish this, the Phillips DNA Project allows you to do the following:

  • You may search the existing yDNA Marker Census to see if you have any genetic matches to your own yDNA. 
  • You may also freely search our yLineage Pages, forum or any other information provided on this web site.

If you find information that may be relevant to your yDNA or your genealogical research, you may Contact the Administrator(s) of this project. The Administrator(s) will contact the person(s) relevant to the information being sought. It is the sole option of the member(s) being sought to agree to sharing their information and completing the contact process.

Privacy and Confidentiality Statement

The Phillips DNA Project provides its members with the option to participate as a group in this project in order to try to learn more by working with others who may share similar ancestry. If you choose to participate in this project, only the group's administrator(s) will be able to view your results and contact information with the intention that he or she may best help members of the project learn more about their ancestry. So that members can share this information more easily, this public website will be displaying member results anonymously. This is a completely free web site that is provided to allow results to be listed by kit number, computer generated number, oldest known ancestor, or surname. It does not list personally identifying information. You may join or leave this project at any time and request to have your yDNA marker results and yLineage removed.

If a genetic match is found between you and another individual who joins this project at some time in the future, both will be given the information that a potential match is in the database provided that BOTH of you have agreed to be contacted about your matches. Only if both parties agree will contact information concerning the separate parties be made available to the other party. In this way, all persons in the database will have the right to decide if they want to contact their genetic match(es).

Privacy and confidentiality will be strictly maintained.

Additional Privacy Statements in response to the new EU data protection laws

We will be pleased to:

  • correct any errors in your personal data that you bring to our attention
  • provide you with a list of all data we have specifically on you, a project member, when requested
  • at your request at any time we will promptly remove your data from our project files

We cannot retrieve data that has previously been posted in the public domain and added to a web archiving service.

In our administration of this project we endeavor to comply with the most recent guidance issued by ISOGG ( and by FTDNA ( administration/gap-guidelines-ftdna-projects/).

We endeavor to respond promptly to any queries or complaints you may make about our handling of your personal data for this Project. You should be aware that some of your concerns may be better forwarded direct to the testing company, FTDNA, if appropriate.


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